Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Beginning

There are a million people writing on Java. Why write more? Mainly to chronicle my learnings for personal and public use.

Java is vast. And when I say Java, I include J2EE, designing applications using Java and following things related to it. So where to begin? I will be mainly writing on multi-threading, spring, hibernate, junit, jmock and design patterns. It is not really meant to be a tutorial (not yet). Just sharing my learning and chronicling the same over time.

I will begin with spring.

The best place to start learning is the spring website at: . I absolutely adore this light-weight, non-intrusive, well-designed framework. The reasons I will leave you to discover for converting you to a spring believer is not my intention. The framework consists of several modules which can be used independently. Again, I am not listing them but will mention as I write about them. This should not affect any article as various spring modules can be used independently.

I also refer Spring in Action by Craig Wells with Ryan Breidenbach. Lets see where we end up!