Thursday, May 28, 2015

QlikView vs Tableau

Spent a few days playing around with QlikView. Here are my initial thoughts on how it stacks against Tableau.

Cool factor: Tableau charts feel more slick and modern compared to QlikView. The options provided are more focussed, and Tableau even suggests optimal visualisations based on data selection. The ability to share an interactive dashboard with users is common between the two. 
Overall winner: Tableau

Usability: Tableau seems to have done a better homework on Usability and visualisation. QlikView can do as much, but it is not as business user friendly: the sheer number of options in QlikView feel over-whelming to start with for a non-technical user. Consequently, you would spend more on training on QlikView and would need a more technical minded person to be able to build dashboards with it. 
Overall winner: Tableau

Ease of Data Transformation/Extraction/Access: Both need data in database format. However, at the first look it is not immediately obvious whether QlikView can integrate with the same range of data sources as Tableau. Business users would need a data analyst/ technical person to extract, transform, and load data in both, but more so in Qlikview. Tableau provides access to OLAP cubes while QlickView doesn't. 
Overall winner: Tableau

Raw Power: In terms of technical power, QlikView appears more technical and customisable than Tableau for a power user familiar with databases and SQL.
Overall winner: QlikView 

Pricing: Oveall complex pricing plans, but I understand that Tableau may be overall cheaper.
Overall winner: Tableau

Ease of exploration & training: QlikView provides an unlimited personal use edition and Tableau provides free public desktop application. There is good support for training.However, QlikView appears to have a more well defined learning path than Tableau. For example, I could find a well-defined certification track for QlikView, but not for Tableau (as on 28 May 2015).
Overall winnerQlikView

Summary: If you have a team who knows how to build visualisations and is reasonably strong technically, go for QlikView for the sheer power of the tool. You will have to spend some time training for it. If you are in a hurry and want to get to a good looking solution fast, Tableau is the answer. Personally, I am inclinded to overall favour Tableau of the two for its ease of use for the business user. 

The above review was done as a first time business user based on initial impressions by trialing the products over 14 days.

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